Alung House


Alung House has been designed to embody a harmonious blend of industrial and fengshui principles.

The design evokes a seek, minimalist aesthetic, featuring raw industrial components such as exposed concrete  and exposed steel beams. These elements add an understated elegance to the overall design while keeping the space functional and practical.

The Feng shui philosophy has been integrated into the design, creating a sense of balance and harmony throughout the space.

ARCHITECT                                                       LOCATION

Manon Design Studio                                   Kuta Bali

ARCHITECT IN CHARGE                                   COUNTRY

Brahasata Indra                                            Indonesia

CONTRACTOR                                                  PROJECT START                   

Lesung Padi                                                   2023

PROJECT TYPE                                                  PROJECT COMPLETION

Residential                                                      in construction

PHOTOGRAPHER                                              PROJECT PHASE

-                                                                         Construction