Embodied the vision of Industrial Modern Style. D Residence designed with an open space concept,allowing for a lot of natural light to enter and enrich the living spaces. This feature gives the interior a welcoming and refined feeling.

The overall ambience is masculine, with charcoal tone selected by client perfect for those who love a minimalist aesthetic. From the Design to the materials, every detail of D-Residence House has been meticulously thought out to create an unforgettable living space that is both stylish and functional

ARCHITECT                                                       LOCATION

Manon Design Studio                                   Denpasar Bali

ARCHITECT IN CHARGE                                   COUNTRY

Brahasata Indra                                            Indonesia

CONTRACTOR                                                  PROJECT START                   

Mega Mesari Group                                      2018

PROJECT TYPE                                                  PROJECT COMPLETION

Residential                                                      2019

PHOTOGRAPHER                                              PROJECT PHASE

Depotraits                                                       Completed